Project Phoenix, Inc. - Compassionate Help When Disaster Strikes Your Home
Our Name
The Phoenix was a sacred bird originating in ancient Phoenician mythology.  The story goes that once every 500 years the Phoenix would build itself a nest of cinnamon twigs which it would then ignite.  Both the nest and the bird would burn fiercely and from the ashes a new, young Phoenix would emerge to live another 500 years.  It was also said to be able to regenerate itself when hurt or mortally wounded thus making it essentially immortal and invincible.
Many other ancient civilizations adopted the bird with their own minor variations into their own mythologies.  Early Christians also adopted the image of the Phoenix to symbolize Christ's resurrection, immortality and life-after-death.
We want the association with Project Phoenix to symbolize one of a hopeful transition from a tragic event to a fresh, new start for the families who need our services.
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