Project Phoenix, Inc. - Compassionate Help When Disaster Strikes Your Home
We are a not-for-profit organization serving Jefferson County, IN.
Our Mission is to provide support to families who have lost their home due to a tragedy by offering
and additional resources to help them restore normalcy to their lives as quickly and smoothly as possible.
The Phoenix House is now remodeled,
furnished and ready to be lived in!
If you or anyone you know has been displaced from
your home because of any natural disaster or
catastrophe please contact us to see
if we can help.
                                                                                   Energizing Indiana
We have  partnered with Energizing Indiana
for a fund-raising opportunity.
For every supporter who signs up and
completes a Home Energy Assessment,
Energizing Indiana will give Project Phoenix $25.
You get a FREE home energy assessment,
we get $25!
It's Win-Win!
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